25 | 04 | 2014
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Support Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will show us how a country is run by its common people.
By YOU. Yes, YOU will participate in running the government when you vote for AAP. This is what is Direct Democracy.

VOLUNTEER FOR AAP and Give your time. Remember 1857, a Revolution is in the making again, be a part of it.

Pension Helpline - SBI

State Bank of India (SBI) Pension Helpline

SBI has a helpline for Pensioners which is 1-800-112211 and works 24x7. Just pick up the phone and get below mentioned details:

  • Basic & DA for last six months.
  • Arrears received.
  • Commutation.
  • Date of submission of the Life Certificate etc.

Submit your Pension Life Certificate to SBI. Typically if Life Certificate is not submitted during November, pension from December onwards cannot be paid as per Government Rules. Pensioners must do this before 30th November every year.

For Life Certificate Form, please contact your Pension Paying Branch or visit: www.sbi.co.in

Enquiry and Complaints

For Pension related details or complaints please call SBI Helpline 1-800-112211 or Email: contactcentre(AT)sbi(DOT)co(DOT)in. You can also register a complaint online, log on to www.sbi.co.in, fill up the Customer Complaint Form (CCF) and get instant Complaint Registration Number.


Information collected on 24.11.2010.

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