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Cheap Broadband with Landline

MTNL is offering one of the Cheapest (Low cost) broadband plans with a landline at Rs.398/- per month in Delhi with 25 Gb Fair Usage Limit at 2Mbps (up to 8Mbps), Unlimited Local calls to any network. This is way better than MTNL's normal lowest 699 plan and Airtel's 899 plan. This offer is available permanently now.

Airtel has a low cost broadband Rs.599/- Retention plan which allows 50 Gb of data at 8Mbps after which speed drops to 1Mbps. This also has unlimited calls to any network like in the 899 plan. Call Airtel Customer care to switch to this plan to save on your monthly bill. It is NOT mentioned on their website nor do they advertise this.


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How to create a RAM Disk and use it for all your Temporary files

Creating a RAM Disk of even a small size can improve speed / performance of your laptop / PC and also help reduce fragmentation on your Windows system. To create a RAM Disk on your Windows XP/Vista/7 computer use an open source tool called ImDisk

  • Its a very small size file about 320Kb. Download it and install.
  • Setup a task to execute on "System Startup". 
    • On Win XP you can do this in Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks.
      • Click "Add Scheduled Task".
      • The command to execute will be: C:\WINDOWS\system32\imdisk -a -s 500M -m R: -p "/fs:ntfs /q /y". This will create a 500 Mb RAM disk and give it drive name R:.
      • Alternatively create a batch/command file called imdisk-start.cmd and place the above command in it. Schedule this command file to execute on System Startup as above.
      • Create the task with specifications as: Start In: C:\WINDOWS\system32, Schedule: At System Startup.
      • Reference: How To Schedule Tasks in Windows XP

    • On Win 7 you can do Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Task Scheduler.
      • Click the Action menu, and then click Create Basic Task.
      • To select a schedule click "When the computer starts"


Change TEMP and TMP Environment Variables to point to RAM Disk

  • Choose Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables
  • Choose TEMP and click "Edit" set its value to R:\
  • Choose TMP and click "Edit" set its value to R:\

How to point FireFox Cache to use the RAM Disk. To Change Cache Location

You can do this by creating a new hidden preference.

  •     Type about:config into the location bar and press enter
  •     Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
  •     Right-click somewhere in the list and select "New > String"
  •     For the name of the preference type browser.cache.disk.parent_directory
  •     For its value type the path to where you want to store the cache, R:\ in our case
  •     Next locate the preference browser.cache.disk.enable, it must be set to true, if it is not, double-click on it to change its value

For more information on this see

How can I move the location of Firefox's cache to another drive to free up space on Cdrive?
Change Firefox Cache Location

How to change Temporary Internet Files (Cache) Location in Internet Explorer to use the RAM Disk

1. Open Control Panel > Internet Options OR choose Run (Win7: Start button->Empty search box) and type inetcpl.cpl.

2. Select the General tab. Under "Browsing history" > Settings > "Move folder...". Now browse to the path for your Internet Explorer cache directory you created on the RAM disk, e.g. R:\. The settings will automatically show R:\Temporary Internet Files and will prompt you to log off. On clicking "Yes" the settings will change.

Original default setting:
Windows 7:   C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Ref: Windows 7: RAM Disk - Install for Browser Cache File Storage


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