Spread awareness about Rashtrahit Chintak Vipaksh Party (RCVP)

RCVP Steps Ahead - Join and Spread Awareness about Rashtrahit Chintak Vipaksh Party

Synopsis for members

  • Read about the party - Vision Document (Agenda for India), Green Agenda and "How we are different".
  • Get your queries and doubts clarified from senior RCVP volunteers so that you can give answers to others queries.
  • Make friends / relatives / neighbours / colleagues aware about how RCVP will make a difference.
  • Organize Pad Yatra, Nukkad meetings, Neighbourhood meetings, Office meetings to make people aware about our principles and values - which should help them join us.
  • Read more ...

Working remotely on a computer across the internet is a possibility which has become a reality in last few years. It has the possibility of revolutionizing the way people work. It was a reality for corporate work for last 20 years but was not possible for single users till a slew of products hit the market over last few years. These products have also improved and become sleek and stable over time. It is very convenient for common people to log in into their office computers or client's computer remotely, thereby saving on travel, time and cost.

Use any of these tools and save on cost, time, traveling, reduce traffic on roads and improve overall efficiency. This also helps the world stay Greener.

To actually provide remote support you will also need access to some Chat or Talking software like Gtalk or Skype. That would make it convenient and easy to share the desktop and talk at the same time. During connection setup also you will need to share IDs or Passwords. A chat tool and related account on Yahoo, Google, ICQ etc will help you setup the remote connection.

Here are the tools you can use to connect remotely to a client computer or to your office computer from home when they are both on internet and don't have any firewalls blocking ports. We have also provided on tips to set them up so that you can get going straight away.

Name (Website
for Free Version)
Features How to Setup/Help/Support
Teamviewer (TV) Free version is available. No major restrictions and is fast, reliable and good. Easy to setup and Small footprint.

Download the software. Install it. You can install it to run as a service with a fixed password so that you can log into it remotely anytime. On starting it will give a 9/10 digit ID and password (usually 4 letters). Ask your client to give this ID & password to you over chat or by phone. Fill Partner ID in your TV and give password to access. You can also chat and transfer files between computers.

TeamViewer Basic Steps

Ammyy Free version is available. No major restrictions and is fast, reliable and good. Easy to setup and very small footprint.

Download software which is less than 700k. Run the downloaded executable. No installation required. It will show your 7 digit ID and provide space for filling remote computer's ID. Get the ID from your client and fill it. Click "Connect" to link.

Screenshots on how to set it up.

Logmein Free version is available. Many limitations in free version. Web based. Requires relatively elaborate setup as compared to TV and Ammyy.

Register on website. Goto "My Computers". Click "Add Computer" on the remote computer you want to access. Download LogMeIn remote access software on it. Install it. This computer will appear on the list of computers available for remote access. This client software must be installed on each computer to be shared and it should be added to the list. To access, go to Logmein website, login with user/password and in "My Computers" click on system to access.

Logmein Free FAQ

Webex No free version. Good features. Minimum $9.95 pm per user.  
GoToMyPC No free version. Good features. Minimum $49/host/month  
ShowMyPC Free & Paid version. Not Evaluated.  
Join.Me Free & Paid version. Not Evaluated.  



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