Cheap Broadband with Landline

MTNL is offering one of the Cheapest (Low cost) broadband plans with a Landline at Rs.333/- per month in Delhi with 100 Gb Fair Usage Limit at 2Mbps (up to 8Mbps), Unlimited 100 Local calls to any network + used Wifi Router. This is way better than MTNL's normal lowest 699 plan and Airtel's 899 plan. This offer is available ONLY for existing landline customers who don't have broadband. You can apply for a new connection with "OneIndia" plan and move to this.

Airtel finally launched a low cost broadband Rs.499/- plan on 7th Sept 2020 which allows Unlimited (truly unlimited) data at 40 Mbps and a Landline with Unlimited calls on any network + Wifi Router. Call Airtel Customer care for a new connection or to switch to this plan from your current 799/899/1499 plans to save on your monthly bill.


Here are some tips shared by Dr. V.S. Ravindran a renowned Psychologist, Counsellor Trainer and Teacher Educator in one of his lectures on educating teenagers in November 2016. In addition, the points below also contain some of our learning and experience.

  • The most important thing is to give these children a goal in life. We must build this GOAL in their minds over time during 6th, 7th, 8th classes. Its better if they have some goal before they enter the 9th class. It can even change over time but there must be a goal to keep them focused. It must be decided based on many factors which are mentioned below:
    1. Ability
    2. Aptitude
    3. Interest
    4. Personality
    5. Values
  • Children must do two to two and half hours of Self Study every day to do well in CBSE. Any coaching and tuitions will be in addition to these.

  • Coaching and Tuition should not be a preferred option and must be avoided. We believe its more of a socializing platform than providing help to children. If children have doubts or questions they must ask their subject teachers in school and not their tutors. It also consumes a lot of their time, binds their schedule and distracts them from self study. If possible parents who have good knowledge of some subjects should help their children in studying those.

  • Make children sit during younger age, i.e. 2nd class to 5th class, so that they build this habit. Help them build a habit of sitting, even on days when their is no homework. If the child needs help to build this habit then one parent must sit with the child while they study. Over time they won't need the parent and it will become a habit.

  • Study on a table. Let the table be associated only with studies. Don't do other things like eating or any other activity on the study table.

  • Appreciate them when you catch them doing the right thing. Build on it to help them do the right thing. It will also help improve their self esteem.

  • Relationship is the other most important factor after goal which will bond you and your child. Build a relationship by spending time with them when they want to. Hear them out whenever they feel like talking. Play with them when they feel like playing. You can't wait to be free to do all these things. You have to find time when you child wants to do it or you will miss the bus. They will remember small things you do for them - so keep working with them. This is what will build the bond between you and them.

  • Your children are the heroes so you have to adjust your time for them. Find time to talk to them when they want to, not when you have the time. Parents have to be available to their children all the time.

  • Talk to children for at least 10-15 minutes when you don't discuss about studies. Don't look for an opportunity each time to talk about studies and take them in that direction. You can work on improving them once in a while but also talk to them about other things. Share their interests, listen to music they like, discuss news that interests them etc.

  • Keep your teenage children busy. As they say "an empty mind is devil's workshop" so its essential to keep them engaged, give them a purpose in life, i.e. let them have a goal. This goal will give them direction and keep their energies channelized in constructive ways.

  • If possible, children should have another adult in addition to the parents guiding them to give them an outsider perspective, but with conditions. He or she could be a close relative or family friend. This should be under the watchful eyes of the parents so as to preclude any sexual abuse or any other kind of abuse. Surveys all over the India have found that more than 50% cases of child sexual abuse are by close relatives and known people. So, if another elder person can be a guide or a mentor to teenage children then it helps them build more respect for what their parents are saying as it will be reinforced by the outsider.

  • Give them space and lots of leeway. They are undergoing a lot of physical changes because of hormonal changes so you will have to ignore a lot of symptoms they exhibit, like:
    1. Sleeping late at night and getting up late.
    2. Fickle mindedness, i.e. changing preferences or activities or hobbies they are involved in.

  • Give them some freedom but don't let them go. If you become very strict or curb all their freedom then they will rebel and if you give them too much freedom then you will loose control on them. They might go out of hand, fall into bad company, get into bad habits etc. Keep a tight leash, give them freedom but DO NOT compromise on non-negotiables, i.e. allow them to do things which don't compromise on values, study time, sports etc.

  • Have lots of patience while dealing with them. If you show flexibility then they might relent to what you say and guide them with. They might be in dilemmas which you might not be able to fathom, hear them out without reacting and after measuring the situation, react. If you show flexibility, say, you are ok if he or she doesn't get great marks then they might end up studying harder as the stress of expectation is gone.

  • Take care of their stress. As mentioned in previous point, your teenager might be stressed because of your, his/her own expectations or his/her perceived expectations or peer pressure. S/He might have stresses because of reasons which you might not know or understand at any point in time. If you show understanding, be on their side and show support then it will help reduce their stress. That will surely help them perform better at everything, including studies, sports or other extra curricular activities.

  • Encourage them to develop an hobby or be involved in sports. Any outdoor activity and physical exercise is a big plus. It will keep them fit, channelize their energies, keep their hormones in a balance and will have a great overall impact on their well being. The need for physical activity cannot be overemphasized. Get them to go out and play. Inculcate this habit from childhood itself. It will keep them from a lot of evils, keep them busy, make them well rounded individuals and most of all they will learn to handle wins & defeats - handle themselves and their emotions after defeat, learn to stand up again after a defeat, learn self-motivation after a loss, move ahead and keep a higher target for themselves after a win.

  • Control internet and mobile usage. Keep some tabs on internet, mobile, chat usage. A time limit linked to their studies might help, e.g. for every hour they study you can let them use internet for 15 minutes. This will stay in control if they have a goal in their life and have some interest and incentive to achieve it.



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