Cheap Broadband with Landline

MTNL is offering one of the Cheapest (Low cost) broadband plans with a Landline at Rs.333/- per month in Delhi with 100 Gb Fair Usage Limit at 2Mbps (up to 8Mbps), Unlimited 100 Local calls to any network + used Wifi Router. This is way better than MTNL's normal lowest 699 plan and Airtel's 899 plan. This offer is available ONLY for existing landline customers who don't have broadband. You can apply for a new connection with "OneIndia" plan and move to this.

Airtel finally launched a low cost broadband Rs.499/- plan on 7th Sept 2020 which allows Unlimited (truly unlimited) data at 40 Mbps and a Landline with Unlimited calls on any network + Wifi Router. Call Airtel Customer care for a new connection or to switch to this plan from your current 799/899/1499 plans to save on your monthly bill.


Some tips to be environment friendly

  • Save Water, Paper, Petrol / Gas, Electricity & Food. Our future depends on it. And our children's too.
  • Use minimal resources and Generate minimal waste. Our children will thank us for leaving a livable planet for them.
  • Plant a tree and nurture it till it can stand on its own.
  • Do NOT buy highly packaged stuff.
  • Take a bag to the market when you go for shopping or grocery &  other purchases.
Do you know that we have run out of Landfill sites to put the garbage we generate.

At Home

Save Water

  • Keep the water used for washing clothes. Use that water in toilet.
  • Use the water from your filters (Reverse Osmosis or others) or washing machines in the toilet. Don't let it drain away.
  • Throw waste water on grass, trees & plants nearby: If you want to throw water (old or contaminated), pour it on trees or plants or throw it in a park,. Don't just let it go waste by throwing it in your bathroom / toilet or the road.
  • Do NOT use running water for any tasks.Use buckets to take bath, wash your vehicle, water plants, shaving etc.
    • Use a bucket with water to wash a car. Using a hose wastes too much water.
    • Use a mug while shaving. Using a tap will waste water.
  • Check your overhead & ground floor tanks for overflow. Use tank overflow indication devices. They will pay for themselves in no time by saving you electricity & water.

Save Electricity

  • Switch of devices fully. Do not leave them on standby. Keeping them on Standby consumes electricity.
  • Switch Off your computers & monitors fully at home and in office.
  • Take bath with cold water. It saves energy required for heating and according to many studies it is beneficial for health.

Save Paper

  • Use both sides of the paper for writing.
  • Take printouts on both sides of a paper.
  • Instead of using PostIts & the likes, use pieces of paper like receipts / tickets you collect at super markets, grocery stores and bus tickets etc.
  • Use back side of paper advertisements you receive at home & office for rough work, note phone calls at home/office.
  • Do NOT use paper as table mats for having food. Its a sheer waste of paper.
  • Do NOT waste deposit slips in banks or any forms in offices.
  • Get photostat done on both sides of a paper. You might not save much money but you will surely save paper.

Save Petrol / Diesel / Gas

  • Use Public transport like buses and metro as much as possible.
  • Avoid using car: Car pool with your friends and neighbours who commute by similar route or go to similar destinations. Use car pools to travel to office and wherever else you have a planned outing.
  • Go to short distances by walk or bicycle: Visit all places near your home like market, post office, club by walking or on bicycle. Don't use a car / motorbike.
  • Walk or use bicycle as much as possible to travel to places near your home/office.
  • Drop your children to bus stops by walking.

At Office

  • Avoid using disposable glasses, use a bottle.
  • Use a personal MUG in office for all your drinks. It has a very low cost. It will save the earth from so much strain that we put by generating thousands of glasses everyday.
    • USE only ONE disposable glass for tea / coffee and ONE for water for as many days as possible. Keep it in your seat. Write your name on it.
    • Disposable glasses are for Visitors.
  • Use your handkerchief instead of paper napkins in your office toilets.
  • Switch OFF all the Lights, Fans, ACs, Computers, Monitors when you leave office or are out of office for any duration. Do NOT leave them on standby.
  • Avoid using a stapler, instead use pins. Staples are impossible to collect and difficult to recycle.


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