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AAP Steps Ahead - Join and Spread Awareness about Aam Aadmi Party

Synopsis for new members

  • Connect with your local representative within your area, get in touch with them and start participating.
  • Read about the party - Constitution, Vision Document, Swaraj, "How we are different".
  • Watch AAP videos on Youtube with various discussions and party launch.
  • Get your queries and doubts clarified from senior AAP volunteers so that you can give answers to others queries.
  • Make friends / relatives / neighbours / colleagues aware about how we will make a difference.
  • Organize Pad Yatra, Nukkad meetings, Neighbourhood meetings, Office meetings to make people aware about our principles and values - which should help them join us.
  • Always wear the AAP cap everywhere you go, in public transport like buses, local trains, metro etc. It is free advertisement for AAP worth lakhs of rupees.


As Subhash Chandra Bose said "You give us your time (blood) and we will give you freedom". Give your WEEKEND to your country and if you are unable to do that give only two to four hours every week, we promise to give you a better country to live in. Move out of your comfort zone and give a few hours to building this nation, coming generations will laud you for this.

The Steps

- Connect with your local representative and find out about activities happening in your locality / area, district / city. Help plan and participate with other workers of AAP in activities in your area.

- Go to AAP website. Read the following documents available there so that you gain full knowledge about AAP Party. Most of them are available in Hindi/English.
  * ConstitutionJoin AAM AADMI Party (AAP)
  * Vision Document
  * Read how they are different from other parties.
See link on home page with "How we are different"
  * Read "Swaraj" by Arvind Kejriwal - its a low cost book for about Rs.40/-
OR download it from Internet (soft copy is available on some websites).

- Understand how AAP is different and propagate that message

  • AAP puts details of all donations received on their website every month, NO other party has ever done this, nor does it currently.
  • To ensure that the party remains clean and corruption free now and even when it comes to power, they have provision for Lokpal within the party to whom any member can complain about a corrupt member.
  • To avoid any dynastic rules the constitution allows only one member from a family to occupy a post.
  • Candidates will be chosen by the volunteers in respective areas depending on their work and leadership skills.
  • Many more...

- Always wear the AAP cap and badge everywhere you go, in public transport like buses, local trains, metro, flights etc. It is free advertisement for AAP worth lakhs of rupees. Even if you are alone and you feel odd, overcome the initial hitch. People will come and ask you questions and ways to work with AAP. Encourage them to talk to you and ask questions about AAP so that they understand us better.

- Watch videos of Arvind and other AAP members on YouTube etc to understand what what is our stand and what we want. Download the videos and store them in a CD/DVD/PenDrive. Some of them are below:

- Get your doubts clarified from other AAP volunteers or senior party volunteers so that you can answer queries from other people about the party. People will have queries like:

  • How to become a member
  • Why did Arvind Kejriwal start a party when all the time they said they will not join politics
  • Why did Anna ji leave the movement
  • How will you ensure that your party doesn't become corrupt if it gets elected
  • What do you do with donations

- Talk to your Friends / Relatives / Colleagues / Neighbours about AAP: Discuss their vision, principles, constitution and how they are different. Send them links to AAP website, Youtube videos, presentations etc.

- Organize meetings in groups of family / friends / relatives / neighbours in villages/towns/panchayat. Show short videos or parts of videos you downloaded to others. People might not have time so just focusing vidoe parts about main positives of AAP will help.

- Go door to door and work to spread awareness about AAP. Do that every day in the evening after office hours and on weekends. Use your full Saturday/Sunday to spread the word about AAP as people are home on weekends and they are more willing to interact with AAP volunteers.

- Make people aware about the pledges Arvind Kejriwal asked people to take on the day of the launch and encourage them to take those pledges (includes an additional pledge we added - last one), viz.

  • I will surely VOTE
  • I will neither take, nor give bribe
  • I will not vote based on religion or caste
  • I will not vote by taking money, liquor, blanket or other considerations
  • I will vote for an honest person

- Get all Aam Aadmi Party's Awareness Materials like posters, banners, documents on this website.

- AAP Contact Information

Website:, FaceBook: AamAadmiParty, Twitter:@AamAadmiParty, Helpline: +91-9718 500 606


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