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Cheap Broadband with Landline

MTNL is offering one of the Cheapest (Low cost) broadband plans with a landline at Rs.398/- per month in Delhi with 25 Gb Fair Usage Limit at 2Mbps (up to 8Mbps), Unlimited Local calls to any network. This is way better than MTNL's normal lowest 699 plan and Airtel's 899 plan. This offer is available permanently now.

Airtel has a low cost broadband Rs.599/- Retention plan which allows 50 Gb of data at 8Mbps after which speed drops to 1Mbps. This also has unlimited calls to any network like in the 899 plan. Call Airtel Customer care to switch to this plan to save on your monthly bill. It is NOT mentioned on their website nor do they advertise this.


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Here are some tips on how to charge your mobile and laptop for a long battery life

  • When you purchase a new mobile/laptop charge its battery fully the first time, before you start using it.
  • Let your mobile reach minimum battery level before starting to recharge it. Unless you are traveling and you need enough battery charge to make or receive a few phone calls, let the mobile indicate low battery before you start recharging.
  • Do NOT keep recharging your mobile all the time. Let its battery reach minimum level (below 5-10%) before starting to recharge. That will make your battery last long.
  • Do NOT overcharge your mobile. It reduces battery life. Don't keep phone on charger overnight as that might overcharge the phone. You must switch off charging the moment it reaches 100% for a long battery life.
  • It is advisable to recharge mobiles and laptops when they are off, although this might not be always possible. It gives a longer life to battery and the charging is faster.
  • For laptops its not necessary to drain and recharge as this might be very cumbersome. As a workaround charge the battery fully and then keep using the laptop with mains supply connected, i.e. keeping it connected to electric supply.
  • You must drain the battery of a laptop fully at least once a month and recharge it fully. For mobiles this shouldn't be an issue as you are not charging them all the time. In case you are, then you must drain its battery also at least once every two weeks.

Suggestions for daily usage of mobile to prolong battery life:

  • Buy a simple phone: the smarter the phone, more the battery it consumes. The larger the screen size, more is the battery consumption. Touchscreen phones consume more battery.
  • Keep you mobile on "Battery Saver" mode. Most Android, iOS phones etc have "Battery Saver" mode. Keep it on this mode all day long, it doesn't reduce the phone's efficiency.
  • Switch off vibrator alert: Vibration mode consumes more battery.
  • Keep ringer volume low.
  • Switch off keypad tones.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Switch off back light.
  • Use a black or dark background and black screensaver.
  • Switch off phone when not in use. Most of the phones now have "Schedules Power On and Off". Use that to keep the phone off during non usage, like night 11pm to 6am.
  • Avoid playing games and listening to music on the mobile.
  • Reduce your conversation time. Talk short and "to the point".
  • The more your mobile is searching for network or a signal, the more battery will be consumed.

Here are some very good links on this topic with detailed tips:


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