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Synopsis for members

  • Read about the party - Vision Document (Agenda for India), Green Agenda and "How we are different".
  • Get your queries and doubts clarified from senior RCVP volunteers so that you can give answers to others queries.
  • Make friends / relatives / neighbours / colleagues aware about how RCVP will make a difference.
  • Organize Pad Yatra, Nukkad meetings, Neighbourhood meetings, Office meetings to make people aware about our principles and values - which should help them join us.
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This is a List of Lists. It has information about portals providing a list of Covid Resources. This list also has Social media contacts of people helping with these resources.

Covid-19 resources, Corona resources, Help with Beds, Oxygen, Medicines and Food Resources etc in various cities of India. This has been assimilated from social media sources in last few weeks. Request you to kindly verify information by contacting before any transaction.

Search / List of Jan Aushadhi (Generic Medicines, Low cost medicines) Stores all over Indiahttp://janaushadhi.gov.in/StoreDetails.aspx

List of Portals that have Covid resources to search: 

City Contact / Social Media Handle / Phone SM Link where announced Post Resources Available Date

Control Room 1: 011-22393705

Control Room 2: 011-27100164

https://twitter.com/AneeshaBedi/status/1384012385963319296 Delhi government helplines to address concerns about shortage of drugs amid surge in Covid cases Delhi Govt Helplines in Delhi for Drug shortage 19 April 2021
All India India Cares Telegram Channel:
https://twitter.com/arunbothra/status/1382911432426098691 A year ago, on 16th April 2020, a group of volunteers came together to help people in Pandemic & Lockdown. We hoped that in a few months <href="https://twitter.com/indiacares_2020">@indiacares_2020 will not be needed. WE WERE WRONG. Let's join hands again to help fellow citizens. Click here: https://t.me/joinchat/Ql-83VDXUeHWRDeT… Pl RT All resources 16 April 2021
All India http://CovidFacts.in https://twitter.com/WoCharLog/status/1383667119875772422 I have made a portal to Add/Update/Search information about Hospital beds/Oxygen cylinder/Blood plasma/Remdesivir in realtime. http://CovidFacts.in Let's help each other in this crisis. Was late this time as I was ill. So no testing of site. Contact me for bugs/suggestions. All resources  18 April 2021 
All India 

Yuva Cares

    All resources 19 April 2021
Gujarat https://www.gujaratcovidsupport.org/ https://twitter.com/BhtiHawaSaThaWo/status/1384227093576228869   All resources  20 April 2021
 All India https://linktr.ee/covid_resources_Ind https://twitter.com/Ramsundar_IFS/status/1388505461490548737 The #CovidResources availability is dynamic and multiple. I tried to compile authenticate Govt, Community and Volunteers data in a single link for easy access. https://linktr.ee/covid_resources_Ind… Add it to your Bio and mention it to your community/friends. #CovidIndia #IndiaFightsCorona All resources 02 May 2021
All India https://external.sprinklr.com/insights/explorer/dashboard/601b9e214c7a6b689d76f493/tab/5?id=DASHBOARD_601b9e214c7a6b689d76f493&home=1 https://twitter.com/ramanmann1974/status/1388728356250689537 This link seems to have real time information regarding availability of beds, oxygen cylinders, ventilators etc in cities across India. Pls check it out @PJkanojia @bhupenderc19 @SachinMalik1999 @jayantrld @DeependerSHooda @TeamSaath @TeamRLD1 @Sushsush10 https://external.sprinklr.com/insights/explorer/dashboard/601b9e214c7a6b689d76f493/tab/5?id=DASHBOARD_601b9e214c7a6b689d76f493&home=1 All Resources 02 May 2021
All India WhatsApp details & request on +916307383680
A doctor will call you back.
https://twitter.com/midhatkidwai/status/1389440864422744073 Our Drs helpline is running strong Plz feel free to connect on WhatsApp or DM to get a call back from a Dr for medical advice. #COVID19 #CovidSOS #Covid19IndiaHelp Plz follow @CAidCollective Free Doctor Consultation 04 May 2021


City Contact / Social Media Handle / Phone SM Link where announced Post Resources Available Date
Mumbai Faye DSouza @fayedsouza https://twitter.com/fayedsouza/status/1384112778726629386 For people in Mumbai, here are the war rooms to call for emergencies. If you aren’t able to get help, please DM me Will coordinate with <href="https://twitter.com/mybmc">@mybmc All emergencies 19 April 2021
All India Sonali Vaid @SonaliVaid https://twitter.com/SonaliVaid/status/1384025605843292162 I am not able to track my notifications so for anything urgent please DM me - even then I will probably not be able to check soon. Please take care all. Please DO NOT tag me on plasma/medicines requests. Focus on beds/oxygen please.  Beds, Oxygen  19 April 2021
Chandigarh Naina Mishra @Nainamishr94  https://twitter.com/Nainamishr94/status/1383832067478224901 If anyone faces issues in getting a Covid bed in Chandigarh tricity area, ping me. I will try to help. Covid Beds 18 April 2021 
Goa  Shruti Chaturvedi @adhicutting
IG (shrutichaturvedii)
https://twitter.com/adhicutting/status/1384188099148750858 If you're looking for a COVID-19 bed in #Goa please reach out to me. Have put across some contacts with hospital incharges, can help with real time information. Please DM me on Twitter or reach out on IG (shrutichaturvedii) with patient name, number of family, area & issue. Bed  19 April 2021
Delhi Contact in image attached to link https://twitter.com/BhavreenMK/status/1383346710336872457 Home cooked Food for Covid Families Food 17 April 2021

SM Social Media
@ All entries starting with @ are Twitter handles, kindly contact them on Twitter.


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