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Cheap Broadband with Landline

MTNL is offering one of the Cheapest (Low cost) broadband plans with a landline at Rs.398/- per month in Delhi with 25 Gb Fair Usage Limit at 2Mbps (up to 8Mbps), Unlimited Local calls to any network. This is way better than MTNL's normal lowest 699 plan and Airtel's 899 plan. This offer is available permanently now.

Airtel has a low cost broadband Rs.599/- Retention plan which allows 50 Gb of data at 8Mbps after which speed drops to 1Mbps. This also has unlimited calls to any network like in the 899 plan. Call Airtel Customer care to switch to this plan to save on your monthly bill. It is NOT mentioned on their website nor do they advertise this.


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If you have opened this article, one of the following is true:
1. You are curious.
2. You have someone seriously ill.

What we can assure you:
1. Urine Therapy (UT) works great for a variety of illness. We say this from personal experience over a period of years.
2. You must give it a try before saying "it does not work."
3. There is science behind it. The only reason of it not being so popular is because of money and religion driven society which cannot accept such a simple zero cost solution.

Urine is a natural cure of God knows how many different types of diseases. Our own knowledge of this stems from the fact that it was practiced by the author's father. Before we knew it, we had realized the amazing healing powers of urine. We applied urine to cuts, bruises and various skin diseases with successful result. It grew our confidence on it. The author's father had great confidence in urine therapy.

Personal Experiences

The author had very troublesome skin diseases and he was cured just by applying urine to the affected skin as and when possible!

Few years back, the author had difficulty in his teeth so much so that dentists told him to undergo surgery etc. His gums were receding! He started gargling with urine as often as possible. But that was not helping. He searched on the net and found that for the benefit to be maximized, the urine should be kept in mouth (with bit of gargling every now and then) for at least 10 minutes and as long as possible (30 mins) for more benefit. We think this most certainly is a wonder cure of any tooth/gum problem. The author managed to convince his brother and his wife to try this. His brother got instant relief with his toothache. Similarly for his wife but she had to do it more often regularly to derive true benefit.


  • The first urine in the morning is most beneficial but it is also very concentrated and strong. To begin with, you may not be able to muster the strength to use it. I suggest to drink plenty of water and then use the dilute urine. Use only the mid-stream urine not the initial or last.
  • Start small: Try applying urine to cuts and bruises. You can generally also apply it to a specific portion of skin regularly. I can assure you that you will find that the particular portion of skin has improved as if you have been applying some wonder skin cream to it.
  • Question your established beliefs: Try gargling with your urine for 10 mins., if possible!
  • If you are successful at point 1 above, you may try buying a Urine Therapy book.

You can find more information and reference to Mr. Jagdish Bhurani at He is practicing Urine therapy in Bangalore in collaboration with doctors for over ten years. We believe he provides free service and helps patients cure chronic and severe diseases. Case histories of many patients with ample proof are provided by him. His address and contact number information is available on his website.

About the author:
He is an ordinary Indian. His father came from an illiterate family and yet with his extraordinary will, he achieved highest education. He owes his IIT degree to him. The author doesn't have enough guts to declare that I practice Urine Therapy. Also, he can't make this public without the consent of others in his family. But please do try UT, it is indeed a wonder cure. Even if a few are convinced and try this therapy, the author will consider his effort on this article to be a success.




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