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Is it worth voting for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Aam Aadmi Party or AAP in short is the latest addition to the plethora of political parties in India.Vote for AAP The party was launched on 26th November, 2012 by Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi at a function at Jantar Mantar. In its interaction with people all over Delhi AAP found many pertinent questions being raised by the common people and they would like to clear the air a bit in the following article.

Why did AAP come into politics?

If the current government and opposition would have honoured the word they gave to Anna ji during his fast and passed the Jan Lokpal bill with the three main conditions they agreed on, AAP would never have been formed. Necessity is the mother of invention – the deceit of all the parliamentarians resulted in the birth of AAP. Team Anna had requested the ruling party Congress (UPA), BJP (NDA) and so many regional parties like SP, BSP, DMK, TMC, CPI/CPM etc to help get Jan Lokpal bill passed but nothing happened. Team Anna begged these people to give a Lokpal to this country but these politicians, both ruling and opposition, played games in parliament. The bill was not passed. All of these parties also showed us that they are NOT interested in making CBI independent.

Team Anna realized that these corrupt politicians who themselves do corruption will never pass Lokpal bill. The philosophy on which these politicians work is – you scratch my back and I will scratch your back. So they are all the same and they don't want a watchdog on their head. The only way to get a strong Lokpal is to come into politics, get elected and pass the bills like Jan Lokpal. AAP has to get into the muck to clean it up.

What is AAP's motto?

"Not just change of political power but change of system" ("केवल सत्ता परिवर्तन नहीं बल्कि व्यवस्था परिवर्तन")

How is AAP different?

  • AAP believes in Swaraj and Decentralization. They will make Aam Aadmi the king by giving them the power to decide what development takes place in their area. The money allocated by the government will come directly to Mohalla Committee rather than the local MLA/MP.

  • AAP puts up their donor list and all donations received on the internet every month. No party in the history of this country has done this till date. Do you know where does Congress, BJP, SP, BSP, DMK etc get their party funds from?

  • AAP has Right to Recall and Lokpal within the party so that even good people are under check. If and when they come into power then also, they will stay under check. Common people can complain against AAP elected members if they find any of them becoming corrupt. Which other party allows this? We cannot guarantee that every person is honest but we will guarantee that if anybody becomes dishonest or corrupt then s/he gets punished.

  • Two people from the same family cannot occupy posts simultaneously nor can they get tickets. This will do away with dynastic rule which we know so well.

  • AAP MLAs & MPs will never take up privileges like cars with Red beacon, Government Bunglow, Extra Security etc. They will live like common people.

How does AAP plan to change the governance?

As mentioned in the first point above, AAP will create Mohalla Sabha's in each locality which will consist of approximately 1000 families each. Each Mohalla Sabha will have a committee to manage it. The money for development work in the Mohalla will be given to Mohalla Sabha and NOT to the MLA. The Mohalla Sabha will decide how the money will be spent, whether it will be spent on making roads, schools, dispensary, covering drains or making parks. The MLA and ministers will not take decisions on what development work happens in each area rather the residents themselves will decide. This will empower the citizens to decide their destiny. This is how governance happens in all developed countries.

Now you have an Alternative

Yes, NOW we all have an alternative to the shameless politics of all other parties of India which have treated common man like a slave or servant and never listened to him/her. We have an alternative to parties which go deaf and dumb for five years after each election.

Do you believe its your party? Yes, seriously. Do you believe it?

Do you have a suggestion or feel like working for this party? If yes, either call their Helpline (97 185 00606) or just walk into their office and start working. Its as simple as that. You think the party can work better, please give suggestions directly to senior volunteers. Want to meet Arvind Kejriwal? Feel free, just check his availability in office and meet him. Yes, you should have some agenda and something significant to discuss as he has limited time.

If you want to work for the party and give it some direction, join up. If you want to work locally within your area, please join the volunteers working in your area (call Helpline to get contact info about them). If your heart is clean and their is dedication, you will make a difference. Its your party, join, spread the word and work.

Does AAP have only a one point agenda of Corruption?

No. AAP has a comprehensive vision of how all aspects of the government must work. Specifics like foreign policy, economic policy etc are being prepared by special committees. AAP does strongly feel that if corruption is taken care of then most of the problems will themselves get solved. It is the root of inefficiency of the government departments, police, bureaucracy, failure of law and order etc. If corruption is removed and common people are empowered to take decisions about what they need locally then most of the problems of this country will go away.

Is this all for votes?

No. If the Janlokpal Bill had been passed by the government when the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement started then AAP might never have been formed. So the intention was not to come to power but to bring in change in the system.

The philosophy of AAP is in the vision document prepared by it since its formation. The vision is that they will work transparently, make all their financial accounts available publicly, make honest people without criminal background stand for elections, fight election with less money, i.e. without any money or muscle power. It will compel other political parties to change. It will put moral pressure on them to improve and to deliver results, to actually work for the people. That is AAP's dream.

Can you see the moral pressure working?

It is already having an effect if you look around. See how parties are now talking of local decision making (Congress MLAs taking decisions who will be the Chief Minister rather than the central high command in Karnataka). See how other parties like BJP are now saying that local workers will decide who will get ticket from each constituency in Delhi. Finally CBI is being made independent after a rap from the Supreme Court. Did you notice the Ordinance and bill allowing criminals to sit in Parliament being scrapped. Can you see parties changing due to AAP - AAP effect.

Why should I vote for AAP?

AAP will change this city and then this country. Be sure. The way other developed countries running direct democracies help their citizens take decisions about how the country should be run, what policies should be implemented, what infrastructure should be built etc, we will also have a successful democracy. We will have true “Swaraj” when people rule and decide what's good for them. Its not a dream, it will be a reality. Just wait and watch as the revolution unfolds. And you should be a part of it – please give your time and AAP will make this dream come true.

Will my vote be wasted?

No, AAP will win. All of you must understand that AAP will win, keep that in mind and then vote. Your vote is what will make the difference. That is the revolution all have been waiting for. Go out and vote. Vote for whoever will give you and your children a country worth living in and worth dying for.

If nothing else, i.e. if you are not convinced – Give AAP a chance. Didn't you give a chance to BJP and Congress for last 65 years. What did they give you?

Is AAP capable of running a government? AAP has no experience?

Uneducated and lowly educated people with no professional experience have run the government in past and are currently part of the government in center and state. And its for all of us to see how the government works. Why can't professionals like information technology professionals, engineers, architects, chartered accountants, social workers with ample experience of working with and running small and large organizations run the government. Aren't professionals with Administration, HR, Team handling experience more equipped to run the government than the unprofessional lot you see around. We all know what kind of politicians ran the Bihar & UP governments. Do you really think that AAP with a comprehensive governance vision of "Swaraj" cannot run the government.

But the problem is implementation and AAP has no administrative experience.

Lets start with an example of implementation which should enlighten you. AAP has one Councillor in the whole of Delhi who joined the party. His name is Vinod Kumar Binny. He received funds for development in his area - Rs. 50 Lac. You know what he did, something that has never happened in the history of this country. He called the whole Mohalla for a sabha and asked them "how do you want me to spend the money?" Has your current MLA or Councillor ever done that? Ask yourself? That day about Rs. 5 Lac were spent on various issues raised by local residents. He then asked the residents about any development work related issues. They said that four roads were laid in there areas out of which three are fine but one of them is only two inches thick. Mr. Binny got an Action group formed right then which included local residents and an Engineer from concerned department who were accompanying him that day to verify the issue. Indeed the road was found to be deficient, they called up the Road Contractor who accepted the mistake and offered to rectify it. The road was repaired & overlaid with more bitumen and the problem was solved within days.

What do you say to that? If AAP can do that without administrative experience imagine what they will do six months or one year down the line after forming the government. This is the kind of governance and speed you were looking for, right. AAP will give it to you.

Why did Anna ji separate from AAP? Is Anna ji with AAP?

Anna ji wants to fight the battle apolitically. He wants the people of this country to change themselves and remove the corruption from within. Its an uphill and more difficult task than the political path AAP has chosen. The destination for Anna ji and AAP is the same, its just that their paths are different. Much like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose were fighting for the freedom of India but they chose different paths to do it.

Anna ji said he will support all honest candidates in elections. So AAP is sure he will support them. AAP is sure his heart and wishes are with them, inspite of whatever media might portray. AAP is trying to solicit his physical presence though and it will happen sooner or later.

Be the change?

The change starts with YOU. Change yourself and this country will start changing. Stop paying bribes and accepting bribes. Whatever be the troubles and pain you have to go through for being honest, face them but don't give in. The truth is that we must change ourselves to change this country, its not all because of government. When we break the laws and then circumvent by bribing, the country suffers. Citizens only break laws by skipping red traffic signal, throwing banana peals, cans, ice cream cover on the road or public place, doing unauthorized construction etc. Does the government do it? No. So look at yourself and change yourself. If you want a honest government, you must also become honest. Isn't it?

Vote for change and AAP will make sure that they make a government machinery which works, which listens to people, understands their problems and finds solutions to improve their quality of life.

AAP is going to win – Be sure, be very sure.

The first battle is Delhi and that is sure to be won with your kind support. The bigger battle will be in Lok Sabha in 2014. The result of Delhi election will help AAP prove to the people that what they talk works. Its not all theory. Countries in this world work as direct democracies and they are successful democracies. People in these countries are one of the happiest in the world. If people are given power, they don't misuse it – they use it for the good of their community and for the good of their coming generations.

And AAP will get more than 275 seats in 2014 Lok Sabha poll. That's not AAP's pride speaking, that's their confidence. AAP knows that people are fed up and they want change. People of this country never had an option earlier but now AAP is the long awaited solution to misgovernance by the current breed of politicians.

Why Jhadu (Broom) was chosen as AAP election symbol?

When a party fights its first election the Election Commission of India (ECI) allocates an adhoc symbol to it. A party has a very limited choice to choose symbols from. So AAP had a very limited choice and from amongst the choices available Jhadu seemed to be the best available symbol with lots of meaning & significance attached to it. It might be a simple symbol but with many strong connotations. For AAP it signifies cleaning up of political system, cleaning up corruption etc. In next election AAP will get a permanent symbol.

Why did AAP government in Delhi resigned? Did AAP run away?

Congress and BJP did not let AAP government function. Neither they allowed them to pass Jan Lokpal bill nor were they letting them do any constructive work so it was felt that re-election would be a better option than running a government on crutches. An example of their combined efforts to not let the Delhi assembly function was the resolution they passed the day before the government resigned which took away the power from the speaker to disqualify any MLA for indiscipline etc in the assembly.

By YOU. Yes, YOU will be part of the government when you vote for AAP.



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