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Suggested Questionnaire for a
Prospective Spouse Compatibility Check before Marriage.

This is a broad Questionnaire which should help you take a decision whether the prospective person for marriage is suitable for you or not. The answers from your prospective spouse will help you take a decision if that person is suitable for you or not. It is extremely important that whoever answers this should do it with TOTAL HONESTY. If a person cannot share honest replies with his/her prospective spouse then there is NO POINT in getting married.

  • We do not claim that this is an exhaustive or comprehensive list. Please feel free to add to it or modify.

  • We encourage you to answer these questions to yourself before you decide to get married. Remember if you ask these questions to your would be spouse, he or she can also ask you the same.

  • We have tried to make this a Gender neutral document.


  1. What is the most important thing for you in life.

  2. Why do you want to get married.

  3. What do you want to do in life. What do you want to become.

  4. What do you do in your free time. What are your hobbies & interests?

  5. What is your definition of happiness.

  6. What is your definition of honesty.

  7. How do you define success?

  8. How important is it for you to be successful. What all are you willing to do to be successful.

  9. Do you believe in some guru or philosophy?
    1. Which thinker or philosopher has influenced you the most.
  10. Is religion and caste important for you? Why?

  11. How important are other (unrelated) people in your life. Say, an accident victim is lying on the road side, would you call an ambulance or police and would you take him/her to a hospital.

  12. Are you jealous of successful people or successful colleagues?

  13. Do you give or take bribes. Have you ever done it earlier?

  14. Can you live with few material possessions, say a 100, if the need arises?

  15. Is living comfortably more important than living frugally. Can you live without air conditioning, without a car all your life? Would that make you very uncomfortable?

  16. Have you cleaned your house, mopped the floor, cleaned the wash basin and toilets in your house ever? How often do you do it?

  17. How important are total honesty and human values (sanskaar) for you?

  18. Can you live alone? If yes, for how long?

  19. What have you done for others in your life. Have you ever done anything for anybody else? Please give some examples.

  20. What have you done for your country till now? Do you think its important to do something for your country or its the government's job.

Physical Appearance

  1. Do you have any physical deformities or diseases? Do you wear spectacles or contact lenses.

  2. Is my physical appearance the prime factor why you want to get married to me?

Self Awareness and Ego

  1. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses. Please list five of each one. What are you doing about your weeknesses.

  2. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and give answers to yourself honestly.

  3. Do you know what meditation is. Do you meditate?

Love & Affection

  1. What is love according to you?

  2. Have you been in love before. Would you like to get married to the person whom you love rather than me, if s/he is still unmarried and shows keenness to marry you.

  3. What do you think about Live-in relationships. Would you like to try that before getting married?
    Do you think its important for us to test compatibility before actually decide to get married.

  4. What will we do if you or I have an affair after marriage?

  5. Will you ask or fight with me for money in case we decide to divorce. Will you continue to be honest and will you continue to bring up children with total honesty without influencing them and give me honest access to them.

  6. Will you be jealous if I bring my old boyfriend or a girlfriend home.

  7. Is it ok if I go out and spend time once in a while with my friends or whoever with or without telling you. How open are you for that?
    1. Do you believe that I need space of my own and some time with myself.

  8. Are you possessive about your partner. Its important to know how possessive (or obsessive) you are about your partner.
    1. How would you react if somebody else dances with your spouse at a get together or party or gets overtly friendly.
    2. How would you react if your spouses friends of opposite gender meet him/her alone, probably to share life's issues or just to spend some time together for old times sake.

  9. Have you indulged in sex?


  1. How important is money in life?

  2. What will you do in life if you get 100 crore rupees (or even more). How will you live?

  3. Is time = money for you?

  4. How much money have you saved till now. Did you save any for marriage?

Compromise and Sacrifice

  1. How much are you willing to change for me. Would you also expect me to change drastically to adjust to your style of living.

  2. If I have to go on overseas or a far away city for an assignment just after marriage and am unable to take you, would you be upset.
    1. Will you wait for your spouse?
  3. What will we do if you or I misbehave with my/your parents, friends, relatives or colleagues. Should you or I get some warnings or punishment?

  4. Will you support me if your parents misbehave with me?

  5. Will you support me in front of others even when I am wrong?

Earth Friendliness

  1. Are you environmentally conscious.
    1. Do you know what is global warming.
    2. Do you know what is a landfill site.
    3. Do you know what is water harvesting.
    4. Do you know how paper is made.
  2. Do you travel by public transport or have you used it earlier? If you travel now, how frequently.

Bad Habits

  1. Do you take drugs or have any addiction currently or had it earlier?

  2. Do you smoke. If you do, will you be ready to quit totally before we get married.

  3. Do you drink. If yes, how regularly.
    1. Do you drink alone.
    2. Do you drink regularly.
    3. How long can you live without consuming liqour.
  4. Do you eat Paan Masala, Gutka etc.


  1. How would you treat your spouse's parents. Will you tke care of them in his/her absence?

  2. What kind of respect will you give to your in-laws. Will you consider and treat them like your parents even if they don't treat you well all the time.
    1. Do you understand that you can get angry with your parents but you don't leave them. You argue with them, fight with them but they continue to be your parents, can you think of your in-laws like that.
    2. Even if your in-laws are not warm to start with, do you understand that you need to win them over. With diligence, dedication, sacrifice and steadily you can win them over (some exceptions are acceptable, perhaps 5/10/20%).
  1. Will your parents decide, say, what we eat, what we do, what we wear and how many kids we have?

Gender awareness

  1. Will you accept a daughter as much as a son? Do you have any gender bias as regards children. Do your parents have any gender bias?

  2. Do you think girls should decide what career they want to choose in life.
    1. Will you allow your daughter to decide when and to whom she wants to get married.
  3. Do you think marriage is a license to have sex? Do you think its important to develop an understanding and relationship before embarking on sex or it doesn't matter.

  4. What do you think about dowry? Will you take it?

Sports & Outdoor

  1. Are you a nerd? Are you a bookworm?

  2. Do you participate in any outdoor activity.
    1. Do you play some sport.
    2. Have you played any game for your school, college, club, state, country.
  3. If I would like to go for for trekking, mountaineering, biking or river rafting, will you come with me?


  1. Can I have different beliefs than you. Will that be an issue? For example I might or might not believe in God and my belief might not be same as you.

  2. What time do you go to sleep and what time do you get up? Are you a morning person.

Health and Health consciousness

  1. Do you have any medical condition. Physical or mental or both. Please provide details.

  2. Do you do some exercise, jog, run or go for walk or practice yoga.

  3. Can you cook, actually cook, not superficial cooking using ready made stuff.
    1. Will you cook in my absence or if I am unwell.
  4. Do you like to eat fruits?

  5. How often do you eat junk food like Chips, Pizza, Samosas etc.

  6. Do you like cold drinks. How often do you consume them? Do you consume them with many meals.


  1. If we don't have kids will you adopt?

  2. Will you physically hit your children if they misbehave or do mistakes.

  3. Will you help me bring up our child if s/he is physically or mentally challanged.

  4. Will you be overprotective towards your children or will let them explore the world. Let them become self dependent, use public transport, go to the market and let them travel alone.

Attitude & Happiness

  1. Are you happy with yourself?

  2. Do you think its important for human beings to be positive?

While we are on the topic of marriage we take the liberty of suggesting to you - keep your marriage simple, don't spend much money, don't take loan for marriage and make your marriage a Zero-Waste Wedding. If you like the idea, do a court marriage and call your friends and relatives for a reception.

Here are some references with related information on this topic:


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