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Synopsis for members

  • Read about the party - Vision Document (Agenda for India), Green Agenda and "How we are different".
  • Get your queries and doubts clarified from senior RCVP volunteers so that you can give answers to others queries.
  • Make friends / relatives / neighbours / colleagues aware about how RCVP will make a difference.
  • Organize Pad Yatra, Nukkad meetings, Neighbourhood meetings, Office meetings to make people aware about our principles and values - which should help them join us.
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We Indians must learn a basic driving habit of driving in our lanes and not changing lanes frequently. If we can just do that and look on our right or left before changing lanes, it would make driving a pleasure and reduce majority of accidents.

Drive In Your Lane

  • Drive straight in your lane.
  • Change lanes only if there is an utmost need to do so (like while turning).
  • Do not ever drive in part of a lane.

How to Change Lane

  • Look behind or in the mirror before changing lane. If enough space is not available, do not change lane.
  • If traffic stops in your lane don't change lanes
  • Allow other vehicles to change lanes by giving them space.

Do NOT change lanes abruptly

  • Choose your lane well before a crossing depending on which direction you want to go.
  • Stay in the middle lanes to go straight
  • Take the leftmost lane to turn left and the rightmost to turn right
  • Always use the appropriate indicator while changing lanes or turning.

Do NOT honk unnecessarily

  • Do not use the Horn unless EXTREMELY necessary.
  • Continuous Honking is extremely irritating. Give a very short honk if you have to.
  • Do not honk at traffic lights, especially when they turn Green.

Do NOT drive with High Beam

  • Do NOT drive with High Beam.
  • Keep your vehicle’s headlights down as it blinds people traveling in the opposite direction and also produces a glare in the rear view mirror of the vehicle in front.

Stop at the extreme left side of the road

  • Stop at the extreme left side of the road.
  • If there is space beside the road then you should stop there.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the road.

Care for others on the road

  • Care & Respect other road users like Pedestrians & Cyclists.
  • Have lots of Patience while driving.
  • Let the traffic / Pedestrians / Cyclists clear out from a crossing before starting, even if your signal is green.

How to Turn

  • Always use indicators to convey your intentions well in advance, even in the absence of traffic.
  • Maintain your lane while turning or negotiating a roundabout.

Do NOT Stop or park around crossings

  • Do NOT Stop or park around crossings.

  • Stopping or parking within 50 meters of a crossing disturbs the smooth flow of traffic.

Traffic Etiquette Brochure in English (PDF) for download.

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