Cheap Broadband with Landline

MTNL is offering one of the Cheapest (Low cost) broadband plans with a landline at Rs.398/- per month in Delhi with 25 Gb Fair Usage Limit at 2Mbps (up to 8Mbps), Unlimited Local calls to any network. This is way better than MTNL's normal lowest 699 plan and Airtel's 899 plan. This offer is available permanently now.

Airtel has a low cost broadband Rs.599/- Retention plan which allows 50 Gb of data at 8Mbps after which speed drops to 1Mbps. This also has unlimited calls to any network like in the 899 plan. Call Airtel Customer care to switch to this plan to save on your monthly bill. It is NOT mentioned on their website nor do they advertise this.


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Mumbai Local trains (referred to as "Locals") are probably one of the cheapest modes of transport in the world. They are efficient, reliable, easy to use (with a few precautions) and a great convenience. Despite being very cheap their are ways to save money for both short term and long term users. Many people even in Mumbai don't have the below information. It is good for people who are new in Mumbai and old timers of Mumbai who rarely use the locals.

# Information How to use it to Save
1 A Return Ticket is double the price of a one way ticket but is valid till the midnight of next day for return travel. A return ticket purchased on a day before a gazetted holiday or Saturday is valid till day after holiday or Monday midnight. If you are planning to go to the same destination for 2 days or more then you can buy a return ticket the first day and a one way to the destination the second day. You need not buy ticket from your destination the second day as your return ticket will be valid for that travel until midnight.
2 2nd Class Monthly Pass charges are very low. An even better way to save than the above method of buying return ticket is to buy a monthly pass. The cost of a 2nd Class Monthly Pass can be recovered in 6-7 days of travel. So, if you are traveling in Mumbai for even 6-7 days, get a Pass made. It will save you immense time by not standing in queue for ticket and money.
3 You can purchase an ATVM card for Rs.100 and use it for buying ticket from ATVM machines everytime you travel. You get a 5% discount, i.e. if you recharge for Rs.100 the Rs.105 worth of recharge is added in your card. Helps save you immense time by avoiding queue as ATVM queues are always much shorter although sometimes these machines are not working.

General Information and Tips

WR is Western Line going from Churchgate to Borivali/Virar/Dahanu Road.
CR is Central Line going from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) to Thane/Kalyan/Kasara/Karjat etc.

# Information/Tip Conclusion
1 No Fare Difference between Fast & Slow Locals You can board any Fast or Slow Local, the fare is the same.
2 First Class fare is nearly ten times the 2nd class fare for a single ticket.  
3 First Class is more crowded during peak hours (debatable but this is a general observation from most people). It might not be worth making a First Class Pass. Its better to get a 2nd Class Pass made.
4 Fast Locals are less crowded as they stop at fewer places. Use Fast Locals during peak hours, if you can. Especially for far off destinations.
5 Western line is more crowded and starts getting crowded as early as 7.15-7.30am.  
6 Central line is crowded till late in the night from CST to outer Mumbai (towards Thane/Kalyan etc). Even at 9-9.30pm locals are full.
7 Central line is crowded even on Sundays as all holiday makers and families travel on Sundays. Even at 9-10pm on Sundays & Public holidays locals going from CST to outer Mumbai (Thane & ahead) are full.
8 In addition to Dadar, even Elphinstone Road (WR) and Parel (CR) are common stations on the two lines. There is a staircase connecting Elphinstone Road station to Parel. Dadar is often very crowded, you can use Elphinstone Road & Parel to change your direction of travel, i.e. change Line from WR to CR or vice versa.
9 Catch shortest distance locals if you are traveling to stations on shorter route, i.e. till Borivali or Thane. Do NOT catch a Virar fast local on WR to go to Andheri or Borivali and similarly on CR.
10 Separate bogie portion is provided for travelers with luggage. These sections are typically next to Ladies coach and are labeled as "Vendor". If you are carrying luggage or large bags, travel in Luggage sections to avoid getting inconvenienced and troubling other passengers in normal coaches.
11 A ticket is valid for travel upto 2 hours after purchase.  
12 In addition to tickets, you can purchase coupons for an amount like Rs. 30/40 or 50. You can stamp them with date everytime you are traveling.  

Some Precautions:

  • Avoid standing near doors. It will save you from any harm and thefts.
  • If a Local start moving while you are boarding and you are unable to keep up, leave the local, do NOT not hold on.
  • Do NOT ever travel on the roof of a local.
  • Do NOT ever try to cross the tracks. Always use foot overbridge.
  • Do NOT ever try to board a moving local.


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